Personalized Direct Mail & Variable Printing: Education


Recently we had the chance to work with a local college to help reach undecided students and encourage them to commit to the college. What we would like to share with you is how we set up a personalized direct mail campaign to tackle this challenge.

Our goal was to organize a 12 page self-cover brochure in such a way that it could be personalized to show the following:

  • 5 different schools at the college
  • 68 programs offered within those schools
  • Areas of concentration in those majors
  • Contain a letter for an admitted student versus prospective student
  • Mail as a self-mailer

Most importantly, it needed to be in home, before their May 5th cutoff date.

Programming took the designer’s file – created in InDesign – with all the variable pages and created a template. This template would allow the pages to be swapped out automatically when the data from the customer’s Excel spreadsheet triggered it.

Testing done in PDF format (sampling over 200 different PDF’s!) prior to print showed that every possible option had worked. We were able to print and mail them to meet the deadline.

The final result was a job that had 7,000 unique brochures, all personalized with text and copy describing their future experience for each of these prospective students.

If you would like to learn more about how we did this, or how we can help you on an upcoming project, please contact:

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