When Every Dollar Counts

The Company

A leading, international, non-profit provider of educational resources.

Their Challenge

Our client was confronted with a number of logistical and financial challenges. They needed to deal with a downward trend in printed collateral, 35% of their budget was going toward freight and they had no program to gauge their business’ analytics and measurements. In addition, the time-to-market for their materials was unknown and they needed to meet the challenge created by a lack of space for housing and distributing their materials.

Our Solution: Streamlined & Cost-Effective Measures

Allied developed a multi-pronged approach to help our client update their processes to meet their budgetary needs. By implementing freight restrictions, batching orders and introducing media mail at select points, our customer saved 45% on shipping in the first year. To address declining demand for aging print inventory, housing it under one roof provided direct attention to this older print surplus. Our outreach team was able to anticipate time-to-market and form best practices by using pre-disclosed shipping tables. Through consolidating inventories, all materials not produced at Allied were still sent to us for storage. Access and distribution were only granted to specific team members. These were just some of the ways we were able to collaborate with our client to simplify their procedures and make every dollar count.

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