Data Driven Solutions

The Company

Many of our clients in the education, healthcare, financial, pharmaceutical, automotive, banking and retail industries.

Their Challenge

For these companies, all of whom have complex data driven programs, to effectively communicate with their target audience using pre-collected data.

Our Solution:
Data Driven Solutions

We developed tailor-made programs for each of these companies based on their needs. All were implemented in four phases:

1. Direct Mail Program
2. Specific Variable Printed Product
3. Multi-Trigger Campaign. This consists of sending different deliverables through multi-channel sources.
4. An Intelligent Data Program. This uses outside resources to add insight to the phase the target audience has reached.

In each case, the database was internal, external or a CRM platform that allowed data to be transferred using a structured format that we take in, often, on a daily basis. To maximize growth, we factored scalability into the equation at the beginning of the program, not midstream. By grasping a firm understanding of each company’s process, business and information, we were able help them use their data to build ongoing, successful relationships with their target markets.

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