Special Finishes & Custom Coatings

The Company

A brand – globally recognized – in custom coverings.

Their Challenge

To perfectly replicate their dimensional product in every way possible. This consisted of individually color matching over 1,000 color swatches over more than 20 surface textures, with effects ranging from smooth to multi-layered.

Our Solution:
Special Finishes & Custom Coatings

Color matching turned out to be the easy part! So, next we took a deep dive to really understand the client’s production process. Then, we developed a way to produce the same texture by layering several different coatings, creating the identical effect on the product to be printed. We accomplished this through a series of tests using many different AQ and UV coatings. These coatings duplicated the correct pattern and tactile qualities of the original product. Several rounds of tests and learning sessions with our customer allowed us to view the product through their eyes. Now, as our client introduces new products, we simply repeat this process, which leads to ever improving quality and efficiency. We were thrilled with the outcome. And our client was even more thrilled that we took that time to understand their methods, work with them one-on-one and then get the job done right.

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