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At Allied, our workforce is experienced, knowledgeable and committed to excellence. We take great pride in helping you reach your goals. Our mantra is teamwork, but in fact, we’re more than just a team. We’re a family. A family of over 300 and growing, where everyone shares a passion for printing and a commitment to the customer. That’s the Allied Way. Close to 150 of us have been here over 10 years, and many of us have been here more than 25. It’s this mutual sense of loyalty that helped us earn a Family Business Award from the Hartford Business Journal two years in a row. We’re very proud of our people, and we’re honored to say they’re equally proud to be part of Allied.


We treat every employee with the utmost respect and integrity. We’re dedicated to creating one company that’s all-inclusive and take our responsibility to support, nurture, teach and inspire each other seriously. Here are a few of our people who lead – the Allied Way.

John Sommers

President and CEO

Team. Vision. Focus. Words that John lives by. Whether building executive leadership or scoring the winning goal in ice hockey, he brings a fresh approach and personal signature to Allied Printing Services. A finely-honed understanding of the customer is deeply embedded in tradition for this third generation printer, who is known for making smart investments in people and technology. He loves to learn and is inquisitive by nature, constantly keeping his hand on the printing industry’s pulse – a family hallmark. As he oversees five critical business functions – sales, operations, finance, administration and supplier relations - he is constantly asking himself, “What’s next for Allied Printing?”

Robert B. McCann

Executive VP and Treasurer

Bob has been part of the Allied Printing family for almost 50 years, in various roles in the Finance area of the business. As a “thrifty” Scotsman, he has been a constant figure that epitomizes Allied’s quest for growth, future thinking and solid planning. Bob has served three generations of Sommers family owners and is proud of his ability to make a difference every day. He has an eagle eye for detail, fantastic knowledge of the printing industry and is willing to share his wisdom with a warm sense of humor. We are proud to have Bob on our team and we hope every visitor takes a moment to say hello.

Christopher Gouveia - SVP Operations

SVP Manufacturing

As our SVP of Manufacturing, Chris never has a boring day. Our 350+ employees look to him to set the pace and orchestrate each day to our customers’ changing needs. His ability to manage and handle ten things at once is a gift. As the person who needs to listen to everyone, his engineering background is put to the test every day, in a good way. Our customers may not see his impact, but as a great conductor, he leads our band daily. These qualities are also shown sizing up a golf putt, standing in the middle of a trout stream and while coaching his children.

Jonathan Kaufman - SVP Technical

Executive Vice President

Jon is a wizard when it comes to savvy technical and equipment decisions. A fourth generation printer of German descent, he followed the craft his family established in 1800’s New York City. He’s a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, and is the first in his line to earn not one, but three degrees in Printing Science and Management and work his way into management. After 34 years with Allied, with expertise in all areas, he believes the role of “connecting the dots between business and science is critical to finding the most effective process to provide our customers with the right solutions.”

Todd Kalagher - SVP Sales & Customer Experience

SVP Sales and Customer Experience

Todd has been addicted to sales and technology since the fifth grade, when he had a paper route and was captain of the AV club. While he manages sales and estimating at Allied, he believes he ultimately works for our customers and is always making sure they come first. His passion lies in leveraging what we do at Allied Printing and how that can help our customers solve real business problems. He sees things differently and believes Allied can always make a customer’s business better in some way. “It’s not always about print, but what it does and how it can help a customer be successful.”

Rebecca Duffy

Chief Financial Officer and VP

Catherine Dougan - VP Administration

VP Corporate Compliance

Cathy is a straight shooter, both at work and on the golf course. She has had a passion for print for over three decades. Her role constantly changes with the demands of customer-requested documentation on all aspects of our business relationships, allowing Allied Printing the versatility to keep pace with incoming initiatives. Her peers count on her as a fearless resource who always gets the job done while adding value along the way. This ingrained style is rooted in her extensive Account Management background in servicing challenging customers with style and class.

Richard Fletcher

VP Information Systems

For over 20 years, Rich has led Allied Printing’s Information Technology department, taking it from its early beginnings as a small mainframe operation to one of the digital tech leaders in the print industry. A 1983 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Printing, he excelled in his post-graduate years as an estimator, learning hands-on what it meant to be an innovator in the field of print. At Allied, Rich’s work is synonymous with efficiency, dedication and continuous improvement. He looks forward to continuing to guide Allied’s Information Systems as we build upon our industry-leading technology capabilities.

Linda Lewis

Manager of Human Resources

Linda has been with Allied Printing for over 23 years. She attended the University of Connecticut and has a background in Accounting as well as Human Resources, the two areas that round out her career in printing. A self-described “people person as well as a diplomat”, she finds the ever-changing world of HR to be challenging and fascinating. “The employees are the lifeblood of any organization. There is constant movement, growth and change, and the people that I get to work with at Allied Printing are among some of the most talented and dynamic individuals I’ve ever encountered. This is what makes being part of Allied so unique and fulfilling.”

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