Integrated Services

The Company

One of the nation’s largest retail banks.

Their Challenge

Print and distribute more than 125 individualized point-of-sale marketing campaign materials to more than 4,600 retail locations across the U.S. Do it in English, Spanish, and Chinese and in a variety of formats and substrates. All while shortening the production and distribution time by three weeks.

Our Solution:
Integrated Services

First, we established a single point of contact for the entire process. Then, working closely with the bank’s retail agency, we shortened the proofing cycle by developing a robust PDF workflow and eliminating the need for hard proofs. We streamlined our printing process, shrinking the production cycle, optimized our kitting and fulfillment process, and standardized packaging and distribution. And we did it all under one roof. The result? We reduced the time required to bring an entire marketing campaign to each of the financial centers from 8 weeks to the required 5 weeks.

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