Proofreading at its Finest


Many printers are quick to point out new press purchases or plant expansions, and that is a natural reaction – to be excited about something new and different. But one service we provide at Allied Printing Services has been going on since we opened our doors in 1949, and that is proofreading.
We proofread every page of every brochure and mailer you give us, and check it for spelling, grammar, style and punctuation. It doesn’t have the buzz and feel of a shiny new piece of equipment, yet proofreading has been a key component in helping our customers for over 65 years.
Look at comments from current clients about our proofreading and see how valuable our services can be on your next project!

“At Allied not only is the printing the highest quality, but the proofreading services they provide put my mind at ease. I can relax knowing that we are sending out a high-quality product that has been reviewed objectively.”
-AB, Director for Giving
“Even though our material goes through countless rounds of review before being sent to print, we always rest assured knowing that a fresh set of professional proofreading eyes will give everything one last pass.”
–EB, Assoc. Design Director
“Proofreading at Allied Printing is their secret weapon. We have never experienced this level of content quality control at any other printer. Allied has figured out what other printers haven’t: help clients produce the most accurate documents possible and they come back.”
–SB, Designer
“During pre-press, the crew at Allied serves as a final set of proofing eyes for us, and no matter how many people have looked over a piece, there is always something that can be found. Their eagle eyes have been an extra source of security and unfortunately, most printers don’t take the time and effort to provide that level of service.”
–GB, Marketing Director
“Allied’s proofreading service is a much appreciated and rare thing today. It brings an added sense of confidence and security to today’s projects, which are increasingly done at breakneck speeds.”
–ME, Production Manager

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