Allied Celebrates Earth Day All Year Long


Our Beliefs

Allied Printing Services believes in taking proactive measures to protect our environment.
We believe people make better choices for the environment when given trustworthy information, training, and the appropriate tools. We believe our customers, and employees, appreciate having the specifics to make more informed choices.


Our Initiatives

In June 2015, we installed over 4,500 solar panels on the roof of our facility. Here are some of the annual benefits of our solar panel installation:

In just 2017 alone, we:

  • Saved over 822 barrels of oil
  • Saved over 940 trees
  • Offset over 819 metric tons of CO2

And since our installation 3 years ago:

  • Generated 3,969,615 kwh of electricity
  • Saved 2,157 barrels of oil
  • Saved 2,468 trees
  • Offset 2,196 metric tons of CO2

Allied Printing Services has an incredibly strong sustainability commitment and an expansive recycling program. In 2017, we recycled over 8 million lbs. of paper and over 17,000 lbs. of plastic. There’s little left for landfill waste.


Our Environmental Mission

It is the environmental mission of Allied Printing Services to promote sound ecological responsibility via innovative product technologies, resources, and education. Our eco-friendly policy (see our website @ is firmly tied to our practice of reducing the negative impact on the environment while conserving natural resources. We work daily to maximize results for our customers while reducing the impact of activities and products on the environment.

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